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BORDERLINK GROUP began in 2014 as a small trading company in the heart of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. The founders of Borderlink Group realised the demand for connectivity between Tanzania and the outside world. Borderlink used the help of its affiliate companies across Europe, Middle East and Asia to provide a bridge to the Clients in Tanzania and East Africa.

In the latter stage of 2014, the company further expanded into real estate as well as logistics. Today, Borderlink Group consists of Borderlink General Trading, Borderlink Logistics and Borderlink Infrastructure with its branches active in East, Central and Southern Africa.

Borderlink Group if one of the biggest up comers in the Tanzanian Market providing a world of solutions to its customers.

By the year 2020, Borderlink Group expects to be amongst the top 10 companies operating in Tanzania.


Borderlink General Trading Limited (BGTL) is a sogo sosha (General Trading Company) incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania. It is engaged in a wide range of businesses globally, including buying, selling, importing, and exporting goods, manufacturing and selling products, providing services, and planning and coordinating projects, in Africa and overseas. In Africa, BGTL’s span of reach spreads across the nation as well as in Central and other East African Countries.

BGTL deals with all products that are legally tradable thanks to its partner offices across Middle East, Europe & Asia. The firm focuses on being a reliable partner to its clients who are involved in diverse operations and have a pallet of different requirements thereby improving the firm’s activities.

BGTL believes that quality and service are the key factors in ensuring customer satisfaction. Hence, quality of products and the best after-sale service is ensured to keep on track with the belief system. The main goals of the company are quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Understanding the complexities in the delivery of fast moving commodities is essential to any business and a well-developed distribution network is crucial to ensure that BGTL products reach all potential customers in the quickest possible time.

The Tanzanian economy is growing at an impressive rate of 7% per annum, and the purchasing power of the people in Tanzania is rising along with it. This, coupled with the growing population means sustained growth in the years to come. BGTL is planning to expand its capacities to ensure that it creates a link between the buyers in Africa and the suppliers outside it thereby enabling clients to choose from a wide array of choices.

Borderlink General Trading is a market leader in importation, marketing and distribution and service of Fuel Dispensing Pumps and other petroleum equipment.

With its network offices across the World and exclusive distribution agreements, BGTL is able to offer its clients, a wide range of petroleum equipment from various points of origin at competitive prices. Expert in-house technicians with adequate international training helps clients of Borderlink General Trading receive state of the art services at their facilities. Borderlink employs and retains engineers, project managers, and specialists who meet the requirements of the customers.

BGTL is one of the largest fuel dispensing distribution Company and after sales service provider in Tanzania with supplies to various private as well as public entities.


"Your link to a world of SOLUTIONS...” is the tagline of BGTL and crafting a global connectivity between suppliers and buyers in order to provide prospective buyers with a wide array of goods and services at competitive rates is the ultimate goal of the firm.

In addition BGTL has an important role in contributing to the support and development of the Tanzanian economy, developing national manpower, maintaining superior commercial and technical expertise and proactively managing the environmental, health and safety aspects related to BGTL’s businesses.

  • Position Borderlink General Trading as highly profitable and performance driven company.
  • Be innovative and technically competent.
  • Contribute significantly to the support and development of the Tanzanian economy.
  • Encourage continuous learning in all areas related to trading activities.
  • Become a regional leader & apply the latest and the most appropriate technologies in our operations.

Become a world leader in trading activities by bridging the gap between nations that produce high quality goods and those that are in need of such products thereby being the link that connects the World.